Congratulations! By reading this blog you have not only expanded your knowledge and understanding of some of the most important scientific challenges, discoveries and developments to date, but also gained a few great ‘did you knows’ for the next BBQ or social outing. From the latest in research to fundamental principles that have stood the test of time, this blog will make all things scientific accessible and understandable, cutting out the jargon and getting to the meat of the matter.

Science is a word that too often is associated with spotless labs filled with white-coated intellectuals. This is hardly the reality. Science is a mostly dirty, hands on and downright interesting topic that affects us all and determines our future. It is the study of pretty much everything, it is the study of us – I think scientific endeavour defines humanity along with words like sentience, language and morality.

If that hasn’t convinced you it’s worth learning about, you should also know that you’re involved with science on a deeply personal level. The device you are reading this on, the power that charged said device last night, the internet through which you are accessing this blog, the keyboard I am currently typing on and just about everything we depend on for 21st century living has its roots in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (or STEM).

So get interested and get reading – science is practically screaming for your attention.